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Morgan Post’s projects interact with contemporary motifs while also implementing a direct reference to the use of materials in relationship to his subject. Post current project investigates nuclear power and the environmental impact from power plants, manufacturing of fuel, and the waste left behind. These issues of storing, mining and the contamination from this nonrenewable resource demands attention as the problem has been systemic since the 1940’s.  Posts mediums are not limited to the traditional sense of straight photography.  In addition to film, drones, video, installations and 19th-century printing processes, he has been teaching and using the Uranotype process for the past six years.  His fascination with chemistry has pushed his traditional aesthetic of photography into a melding of time, place and concept of nuclear proliferation and power plants. He utilizes the means and conventions of 19th-century technology to create contrast and tension, which acts to highlight the social ethos of the rapidly evolving 21st. 

    Post’s recent exhibitions include; El Laboratorio, Granada Spain, LIU Brooklyn Humanities Gallery, A Smith Gallery, Art Space New Haven CT(un)Bound, Vermont Center for Photography, The SoHo Photo Gallery, Indiana University, The Kinsey Institute, Utah State University, Utah Arts Alliance Gallery. He was the recipient of Utah State University’s Graduate Studies Research Grant and SVA’s Silus H Rhodes scholarship in black and white printing.  Post earned an MFA in 2010 and is currently a Professor of Photography at Long Island University and Fairfield University. Post teaches workshops at The Penumbra Foundation in NYC and across the Eastern United States. 

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