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The project titled U-92 explores the environmental impact of the mining, refining, storage, and contamination caused by radiological materials. The focus is to educate the public on the widespread ecological and anthropogenic disasters from various places. 


This work focuses specifically on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and uranium mining in the south-east of Utah and The Navajo Nation. The systemic, widespread contamination from this metal demands our attention and call to action to protect the residents of this planet. 


I am interested in environmental problems that hide in plain sight. Our connection to the proximity of radiological contamination is much closer than we think. 


I thank the students and faculty collaborating on this work from Utah Valley University, Long Island University Brooklyn, and Fairfield University. I would also like to thank other collaborators, including Light and Noise, Uranium Watch UT, and Dr. Rock from the Navajo Nation. 

© Morgan Post Photography

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