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My current project Seen| Unseen, explores the environmental impact of the mining, refining and use of radiological materials. My focus is to educate the public on the widespread ecological and anthropogenic disasters from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and the uranium mining in the south-east section of Utah and The Navajo Nation. The systemic widespread contamination from this resource demands our attention and call to action to protect the residents of this planet. I am heavily interested in environmental problems that seem to be hidden in plain sight. Our connection to the close proximity of radiological contamination is much closer than we think. My research is focused on the unforeseen radiological disasters that plague communities, nations and ecosystems. For the past three years, I have been collaborating with students and faculty from: Utah Valley University in Orem Utah, Long Island University in New York and Fairfield University in Connecticut. Non-university based collaborators include: Light and Noise in Washington DC, Uranium Watch Utah, and Dr. Rock from the Navajo Nation, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company) and The Japanese Environmental Agency. This massive multi disciplinary project, is to have a visual and audio record of damage done to these fragile landscapes, inhabitants, communities, and ecosystems. The mines and contaminated areas photographed, filmed and mapped are a plea to reverse this sense of manifest destiny and control over systems that are uncontrollable. I hope to engage in a conversation that is honest and real about the hyper-object of Nuclear Power and its untamable nature. 

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Collaborators currently working on this project:


Long Island University Brooklyn:

Hakim Sol

Fairfield University:

Professor Jo Yarrington

Utah Valley University:

Professor Reid Elem

Byron Harward

Julie Ostler

David Carter

Light & Noise Inc:

Charles Witherspoon

Nick Russell

Material Sponsorship from Hahnemuhle Paper



Uranium Watch:

Navajo Relief Fund:

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